#SatSpanks, News, and Freebie Offer

#SatSpanks, News, and Freebie Offer


Thanks for joining me for #SatSpanks, the blog hop for lovers of spanking, BDSM, or just plain kink! Currently, Fevered Dream is still available free when you sign-up for my newsletter, but I’ve recently re-published my erotic tale of Amazons, a handsome villa owner, and their sexy shenanigans on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo. Soon, I’ll be replacing Fevered Dream as my freebie offering so be sure to sign-up today if you want to read the book for free.


Satisfied but unenthusiastic with his role as a wealthy villa owner, D’Jwan embarks on a journey to the temple of his grandmother’s goddess. He performs a ritual to enter the dreamscape, hoping for a glimpse of destiny, but what he finds is far more exciting and dangerous.

Commander Xia and her warriors–fierce, hard-riding horsewomen of the Steppe–are in need of release and distraction when they happen upon a sexy man in a vulnerable position, and they want far more from him than his earthly goods. Forget lovely slave girls captured by the Roman Infantry or the village ingénue carried away by the barbarian hordes. Saddle up for the story of real Amazons unafraid of taking the pleasure they desire and deserve.

Warning: Fevered Dream is intended for adults only. The story contains graphic, descriptive, sexual language. If you are offended by erotic content, you might want to find another book.


Sitting upright again, he reached out and took the tankard he had previously been offered. Placing the cup to his lips, he gulped down the intoxicating beverage as fast as he could.

Visibly pleased, the three women cheered for him as if he had won a feat of strength.

“Excellent, traveler. I am Kepes, one of the handmaidens to the great goddess, Xia, whose wisdom you have sought. These are my sisters, Scyleia and Micah.” She pointed first to the pretty but fierce woman who had pinned him and then to the shortest of the three. Kepes’s dark hair hung loose with the exception of two thin braids that started just above her ears and wove around until they met behind her head. Her face was round with high cheekbones. From the neck up, he would describe her as cute, rather than pretty, but her magnificent body looked as if she had been chiseled from marble.

“Congratulations, you have passed the first obstacle in your quest, moving from your realm to ours. Are you ready for the next?”

Sitting on his knees, D’Jwan bowed low, his face inches from the carpet before he lifted his head and spoke. “I am ready. What is required of me?”

The women stood and moved to surround him in a semi-circle formation, their faces seemingly glowing from above as they peered down at him. Kepes leaned in, her ripe, tempting lips inches from his face.

“You must use all your skills, pleasing us while remaining potent enough to face the rest of your journey.”

I’ve published a Horse Mountain Shifters Boxset which includes Horse Mountain Heat, Riding in the New Year, and Real Cowboys Love Cats. I’m in the process of writing a prequel story, tentatively named, Claiming Katy and featuring Davis’s parents, which will eventually be available for all my newsletter readers, current and future. Be sure to one-click your copy of Horse Mountain Shifters Book Bundle or read for free with Kindle Unlimited.



Horse Mountain Shifters Book Bundle

US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0879H87FY

UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0879H87FY

CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0879H87FY

AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0879H87

Horse Mountain Heat:

Curvy cutie Scarlett was expecting an engagement ring for Christmas but caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman instead. Heartbroken and humiliated, she rents a cabin in the mountains to spare the family her yuletide misery. Just next door, sexy cowboy/were-stallion, Davis Banks takes one look at Scarlett and knows he found a woman worth mounting. Ho! Ho! Ho! If Scarlett will open Davis’s package, she might just have a Merry Christmas after all. (***Previously published as Bareback Christmas with Ellora’s Cave/EC for books)

Riding in the New Year: (Bonus Bundle Exclusive)

Big, beautiful, blonde Scarlett escaped to the mountains and took one hell of a ride with hot cowboy, Davis Banks. The chemistry between them is still bubbling but if Davis and Scarlett are going to have a happy New Year, they must battle a gossiping mother, a meddling grandmother and an ex-boyfriend who suddenly wants Scarlett back.

Real Cowboys Love Cats:

Having grown up isolated from other shifters, Abram’s not completely comfortable in his own skin. Nevertheless, after the death of his beloved human mother, he relocated to Horse Mountain to reconnect with his father’s side of the family. Love was the furthermost thing from his mind until he met Maddie.

When Maddie meets Abram, she’s smitten but doesn’t see much of a future. A man, who doesn’t like cats, should be a deal-breaker for a mountain lion shifter like her, but every time he’s near, her body goes crazy. Could he possibly be her fated mate?

Warning: All books in the Horse Mountain Shifters series contain sizzling, put-you-in-the-moment love scenes with graphic, descriptive language. If you are offended by explicit content, you might want to read a different book.

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