Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday

Finishing the Triple Passion Play series was bittersweet. Having four books under my belt felt good, but I miss Tommy, Trisha, and Ken. They’re some of my favorite characters and I wrote through a huge chunk of their lives all the way from college to their forties. Book three heralded a very important milestone as the trio looks forward to the birth of their first child.



Teaser Tuesday:

After eating lunch at a nearby restaurant, Ken returned to the office. He sat in front of his computer and stared at the screen. All morning, he’d tweaked the human resources software he’d been working on for a couple of weeks, but he hadn’t made much progress. He kept getting stuck on the same lines of code. He couldn’t focus. No matter what he did, his mind conjured images of Tommy or replayed the scene from last Thursday.

Ken tapped his fingers on the desktop, remembering what Tommy wanted to do to him just a few feet away between his PC and the paperclip holder. He closed his eyes, picturing Tommy’s lips wrapping around his cock. Why didn’t he just ask for me to reciprocate? I’d have blown him. He just sort of shocked me. I didn’t mean to hurt him.

He rubbed his forefinger and thumb together, recalling the texture of Tommy’s hair from when he’d had his hand on the crown Tommy’s head while he’d been on his knees. Ken’s cock swelled beneath the zipper of his trousers. Even after a heavy lunch, his stomach seemed hollow. He clenched his abdominal muscles while closing his eyes.

As much as he hated to admit it, when Tommy was away, time at the office moved a lot slower. The whole world was darker and less fun without him. He glanced to the right, spotting his phone. He started at the buttons while drumming his fingers against his desk, his heart clenching as an aching emptiness spread across his chest.

Damn it. Ken lifted the receiver and dialed Tommy’s cellphone number. It rang twice before he answered. “What’s up?”

“Hhhi.” Ken’s voice cracked, and he rolled his eyes, his cheeks flushing.

“Is everything okay? Is it Trisha or the baby?” Tommy sounded as if he were rapidly approaching panic mode.

Ken stiffened as he knitted his eyebrows. “No. Why would you think that?”

“You never call me when I’m out of town unless there’s a problem.” Tommy’s voice was low as if someone else might be in the room. “What do you need?”

“What do you mean? I don’t need anything. I just wanted to talk to you.”

Tommy laughed. “Since when do you ever want to talk?”

“I just thought…I guess I just wanted to say hi.”

“Hi? You’re freaking me out. What’s really going on?”

“Why is it so hard to believe I’d call just to talk to you?”

“This side of the fence is mine, Ken. I can do my job. I don’t need you to talk me through it.” He sounded pissy.

“I know that. Why is it so hard to believe I’d call to chat?”

“Why would it be hard to believe Trisha could win an Olympic gold medal for a balance beam routine?”

“Pfft.” Ken couldn’t help laughing. “Trisha would bust her ass just trying to climb on the apparatus.”

“Exactly. If you don’t have anything pressing for me…I’m at work here. I need to go.”

“Geez, Tommy! I just wanted to hear your voice.”

A deafening silence hung over the line. “Oh, my God. Did Trisha put you up to making this call?”


“She did! Don’t try to play me. It’s hurtful and embarrassing. I have work to do. Don’t forget to pick me up at the airport at ten tomorrow.”

“Tommy!” Ken called his friend’s name a couple more times, but he’d hung up. Is it really so hard for him to believe I missed him?



Five years have passed since Trisha, Ken, and Tommy began their polyamorous relationship. They’re no longer horny college kids, but growing up brings its own challenges for the Marks-Davidson clan. As Trisha struggles with carrying Ken’s baby in San Antonio’s dry, scorching weather, Tommy begins to question his place in the trio, especially when Ken, who previously agreed to deepen the intimacy between the two, seems reluctant to seal the deal.

Emotionally, Ken’s all for connecting on a physical level with his best friend and co-husband. He’s just not sure about the logistics. What will it take for them to forget their egos and insecurities and give into the desires already boiling over?

Follow their journey as they answer the question: Can three people truly love each other equally?

Content Warning: Baby Makes Four is packed with hot, steamy and explicit love scenes, including relations between two males.

Although reading books one and two first would add to the enjoyment, book three in the Retro-Contemporary Triple Passion Play series can be read as a standalone HEA romance.


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