Thirsty Thursday with Two Hot Cowboys!

Thirsty Thursday with Two Hot Cowboys!

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and these cowboys of the Horse Mountain Shifters series have me parched! If you haven’t gotten around to reading the first two books in the series, now’s your chance to grab them both along with an exclusive bonus novella. The Horse Mountain Shifters Book Bundle boxset is now available and includes books 1, 1.5, and 2 in the smoking hot collection. If you love cowboy and curvy girl romance, you need these books!

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Hero profiles and Teasers:

Cowboy One:

Name: Davis Banks

Hero: Horse Mountain Heat and Riding in the New Year (Books 1 & 1.5)

Species: Humanoid – equine shifter

Age: Early to mid-thirties

Personality: Friendly and jovial but not exceptionally good with words.

Occupation: Horse Ranch General Manager

Body Type: Tall and lean but muscular

Hair: Brown and shoulder length

Eyes: Seafoam green

Scarlett’s First Look:

Getting an eye full, she repressed a gasp and pursed her lips to keep from drooling. Who the hell walked outside in 45-degree weather without a shirt? Oh, who the hell cares…massive biceps, rock-hard pectorals, rippling abs and that sexy V leading down below his low-hanging jeans—yummy!

“Well, hey there, neighbor,” he said, taking a break from swinging the axe to give her a sexy smile. His brown hair brushed his shoulders as he tilted his head slightly to the right, his deep-set, sea-green eyes gobbling her up.

Shifted Form: Black Stallion

Hobbies: Fishing, camping, letting his stallion out to run wild

Type: Curvy girls, especially blondes

Other Horse Mountain Books: Davis is a supporting character in Real Cowboys Love Cats and Bridling Lucy.

Horse Mountain Heat Teaser:


Riding in the New Year Teaser:

“What are you going to wear?” she asked as she smoothed her sleek, gray bob back behind her ears with a gloved hand while she sat on a barrel next to one of the horse stalls at the Bank’s Horse Ranch and Training Center.

Pausing his brushing of a good-natured quarter horse named Sally, Davis sighed. “I don’t know, Gram. I haven’t really thought about it.”

The old lady frowned, her thin lips drawn tight as she shook her head. “How can you not have thought about it? You have to look nice when you meet Scarlett’s co-workers, not like some broken-down, dime-store cowboy!”

Turning back to Sally so Gram couldn’t see his face, Davis rolled his eyes. Dime store cowboy…who talks like that? She finally makes a pilgrimage to the ranch from up on high and it’s about my personal life. She won’t be satisfied until she’s digging around in my closet and laying out my clothes like I’m a damn kid being dressed for church. Davis petted Sally and patted her side as he asked, “What do you think I should wear, Gram?”

“Well, I don’t like to pry but since you asked, I think you should dress up. Don’t just wear some flannel shirt and cowboy boots.”

“I think I can pull off a nice sweater,” Davis replied, offering Sally a small treat as he spoke. “Can I at least wear jeans?”


Gram’s tone of voice made Davis’s shoulders stiffen. He could practically hear her eyebrows arching as her eyes bored holes into his back.

“I guess not…”

“Don’t you want to look nice for Scarlett?”

Letting out a long breath of exasperation, Davis set down the grooming brush and turned to face his grandmother. “You want me to cut my hair too?”

She shrugged.  “Couldn’t hurt.” Wounded, Davis automatically reached up and pushed back his mane while grunting.

“Gram, I know you like Scarlett and I’m really thankful that your sneaky nature and undercover matchmaking didn’t blow up in both of our faces, but I think she likes me just like I am. If that weren’t the case, I don’t think I would—”

The smile turning up the corners of Carolyn’s mouth into a near smirk stopped Davis in his tracks. How stupid could he be—nearly spilling his personal feelings to his well-meaning but meddlesome grandmother?

Cowboy Two:

Name: Abram Banks (Davis’s cousin)

Hero: Real Cowboys Love Cats

Species: Humanoid – equine shifter

Age: Late twenties to early thirties

Personality: Enjoys the simple life; dense about things concerning him; insecure about his second nature; not fond of cats

Occupation: Ranch hand/general laborer

Body Type: Huge! Very tall and built like a bulldozer

Hair: Brown and shoulder length

Eyes: Seafoam green

Maddie’s First Look:

Maddie eyed the sexy guy standing just outside of the room as he shyly looked away from her. There was no mistaking; He was definitely a Banks. He had the same seafoam-green eyes as his cousin, but Abram was taller and even more muscular.

As her gaze fluttered across his broad shoulders, she admired the way his tee-shirt stretched over his hard pectoral muscles, showing their definition. Her pulse raced and saliva filled her mouth. When she’d first met Davis, she’d had a similar reaction, but only at about ten percent potency. Any slivers of attraction never stuck. They were meant to be buddies and nothing else, but she definitely wasn’t getting the only-friends vibe from this man.

Shifted Form: Draft horse

Hobbies: star-gazing, camping, horse-back riding

Type: Brunettes with hourglass shapes

Other Horse Mountain Books: Abram has a small supporting role in Bridling Lucy.

Teaser from Real Cowboys Love Cats:

A few minutes later, she heard scraping against the mesh material of her temporary shelter. “Knock, knock.” Abram’s voice was low.

Every tiny hair on her body stood on end with goosebumps, and a wave of arousal made her squirm. She pressed on her chest with her fingertips as if holding herself back. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t seem too anxious. Be cool. Keep it chill.  With trembling hands, she partially unzipped the door but only enough to peep out. “Didn’t you see the sign? No soliciting. Peddle your magazines somewhere else.”

He smiled. “I’m sorry.”

“About what?” She was glad he couldn’t see her quivering.

“Being chicken shit. It’s time to man up—I like you.” His pupils dilated as he blushed. “I know you’re paying Davis for a professionally guided tour, and I’m trying but I keep getting distracted.”

Her stomach simmered with nervous energy. “Distracted by what?” She continued to peek at him through the tiny opening.

He removed his hat and rubbed the side of his head. “You gonna make me say it with this tent door separating us?”

“Yes.” Her pulse raced.

He sighed and looked off in the other direction. “I got a fire started and laid out a blanket for us.”

“Huh?” She threw him a sideways glance. “And just what are you expecting to do on that blanket?”

He blushed. “Sit. Look at stars. They’re really pretty up here this close to heaven.” He was so adorable Maddie’s heart felt as if it might swell up into her throat and choke her.

“Hmm, tempting, but I dunno. You did say something about a spanking.” She felt a slight twinge of guilt for teasing him but not enough to stop.

“Which one will get you to come out? If I promise to do it or not to do it?”

Other Books in the Horse Mountain Shifters Series:


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