#WIPWednesday – Scarlett and the Big Bad

#WIPWednesday – Scarlett and the Big Bad

Happy Wednesday, lovely readers! I’ve been jamming along writing a hot, twisted fairytale. Scarlett and the Big Bad is a sexy, post-apocalyptic, shifter fantasy taking those old stories that paint the wolf characters as a scary villain like “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Little Pigs” and turning them on their heads.

Today, I’m sharing a teaser from the morning after a heavy thunderstorm that sent Monty, a hardworking linesman, out in the rain to make repairs. Meanwhile, he left a police officer friend of his to look after his fated mate, but did she behave? Not really. Enjoy!


“Wake up!” Monty’s voice boomed loudly over Scarlett’s head followed by two stinging blows against her naked ass, jarring her awake. She lifted her torso, her head still drunk with sleep.

“I’m awake.” She rolled over on her side.

“Get up. I’ve been calling you for breakfast for a while now.”

She yawned while forcing her tired body upright so she sat with her feet dangling off the side of the bed. “Okay, I’ll just slip on some clothes.”

“Nope. As punishment for lazing around and not answering as soon as I called for you, no clothes.”

She lifted a shoulder up toward her ear while tilting her head. “What are you saying?”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. As he looked down at her, he rubbed her behind. “You’re a naughty, willful woman with some bad habits. I’m an alpha—an alpha male and an alpha wolf. Now that you’ve been claimed, it’s time for you to start behaving, and when you don’t, I’ll punish you. Understand?”

A shiver ran down her spine and her thighs quivered with trepidation yet her heart pounded and her pussy tingled. She huffed. “No. I don’t think you should have the right to tell me what to do. I should be able to make some of my own decisions. What if I don’t want to have breakfast or get out of bed yet?”

He winged an eyebrow and widened his stance. “Are you sassing me?”

She bit down on her bottom lip and wagged her head. “No, but I think there should be some boundaries.”

He laughed as he leaned forward to bring his eye level closer to hers. “And if I let you set the pace, I suppose you’ll follow all my safety rules?”

Her stomach simmered with nervous energy. “Um…I’ll do my best.”

He scoffed as he stepped closer to her. “Like you did last night? Did you think slicing open my screen and careening towards a pack of murderous bitches was a good idea?”

Her jaw dropped and she took two steps backward. “What? How? Did that really happen? I thought maybe I dreamed the whole thing.”

“Indeed. Bambi told me all about you putting his man in danger. He wasn’t pleased. Neither am I.”

“That’s not fair! I…I couldn’t help myself—Thumper said The Order used a spell.”

“He said something like that to me too which is the only reason I didn’t wake you up and wear your ass out last night, but I still sort of feel like I owe you one now.”

She reached behind her back to cover her bottom. “Please don’t.”

Monty huffed as he shook his index finger at her. “You put yourself in danger. I can’t have that.” His chiseled features almost distracted her from her predicament.

“I’m sorry. I’ll do better.” She hung her head, her cheeks burning.

“Good. We can go over the rules over breakfast, and don’t worry. I’m not too strict.” He dropped a kiss on her forehead.

As he walked to the kitchen, she followed behind him like a lost puppy, hyper aware of her nakedness. Her pulse reacted as she stepped over the threshold of the bathroom and into the hallway. Aside from the washroom and the bedroom, she’d never been completely naked in another room.

When they reached the kitchen, she noticed two place settings at the bar. He’d made hashbrown casserole and toast and had even taken the time to plate hers for her. A pang of guilt stuck in her stomach. As much as it had disturbed her in the beginning, she’d grown accustomed to being waited on while living with Elosha, but she didn’t want him serving her. She tilted her chin toward her chest, looking down in shame. “I’m sorry.”

Calloused fingertips scraped against her skin as he roughly pushed her face up to meet his gaze. “Uh, uh. None of that. What’s wrong now?”

“I should be making you breakfast every morning and looking after your needs and here you are cooking for me again.”

He rolled his eyes. “Sexist bullshit.” He patted the stool. “Sit your sexy ass down and eat. It’s better warm.”

She peered at the stool. Something about placing her naked behind on the furniture seemed wrong. “I can stand.” She lifted a fork.”

He swallowed the bite of toast in his mouth. “I can reach over and smack your thigh.”

“No.” Making haste, she hopped on the seat.

“That’s better.” He took a sip of orange juice as she tried her first bite of casserole.

She chewed slowly, savoring the rich flavors before swallowing. “Wow, this is really good.”

I hope you enjoyed today’s sneak peek. It won’t take me much longer to finish writing Scarlett and the Big Bad. I’ve been indie publishing since we lost Loose Id, but I’m planning to shop this story to a traditional publisher so if you’re reading this and are an interested publisher, hit me up!

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