Baby Got Back…Sometimes

Baby Got Back…Sometimes

Welcome to week 26 in the MFRW 52-week blog challenge. This week’s topic: Your Characters: Full Figured or Always Slim? The title above is a play on Sir Mix-a-lot’s song, but when it comes to the subject of body-size, I follow Whitney Houston’s lead: I’m Every Woman!

In a way, I am every woman – at least in regards to size. I’m five-foot-three inches tall on a good day, and I’ve been a size six, a ten, twelve, sixteen on up to an eighteen. We won’t even get into my maternity sizes… When I was younger, I thought putting on weight was a big deal. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to love my body at any size. Some days I wish I was slimmer, but then I remember how much I love buttery popcorn with M&Ms, and I get over that crap in a hurry.

I want women of all shapes and sizes to be positively represented in my books so the height, weight, and body-shape of my heroines varies from story-to-story. The Horse Mountain Shifters series is dedicated to big girls. All the heroines are full-figured gals though some are bigger than others. There are no cookie-cutter characters. Scarlett of Horse Mountain Heat is a big, blonde beauty nursing a broken heart, but an independent woman who makes her living as a pharmaceutical sales rep.

In book two of the series, Maddie Mittens is a voluptuous brick-house, a computer guru, and cat lover who doesn’t take any junk from anyone even our strapping hero. The heroine of Bridling Lucy is on the younger-side of adulthood. The spirited redhead had a hard upbringing but is as tough as nails. Suki, of Saving Suki, is used to having to watch her back. She’s a short, smart Asian-American nurse with long, black hair and street-smarts to rival her academic prowess.

Plenty of slim girls are queen between my pages too. Take Trisha of the Triple Passion Play series. Her story spans close to two decades, and she starts off as a tiny, bohemian, beach-loving girl. She grows into a young wife before packing on the pounds when she becomes preggers with one of her husbands’ first child. She has three more kids over the years and ends her story as a thin, sexy forty-something in Triple Naughty Christmas.

The women of Fevered Dream are Amazons with bodies shaped by life in the saddle – hard and lean if a little bowlegged. Mary Allison Applegate of Geek Girl’s Romance is a slender, Irish-American, ginger with a big, bubble butt. I could go on, but I’m sure everyone understands: one size does not fit all in my books. Whatever size heroine you like, you can find – just click here and look around.

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