Top Ten Tuesday – My Author Favs Past and Present

Top Ten Tuesday – My Author Favs Past and Present

Today, I’m participating in That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top Ten Tuesday, and the topic is “Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By.” Let me start out by saying, my blog showcases books I’ve written, and they are for adults only. If you’re not a bonafide, legal adult according to the laws of where you live, please navigate away now.

I write steamy romance, but I don’t exclusively read hot love stories. I’m a fan of fantasy, mystery, and suspense. I’m not as keen on non-fiction, but I’ve enjoyed many true-life or informational books on subjects in my interest range. For the purposes of this list, I’ll be sticking to fiction.

#1 – Charlaine Harris – I’ve read a lot of her stuff. I devoured all the Sookie Stackhouse books and the accompanying short stories, and I enjoyed most of them. Once I got over being butt hurt about who the heroine finally ended up with, I could admit the ending and romantic choice made sense for the character, but damn, I loved the other guy (Trying to avoid spoilers.)! I also enjoyed her Aurora Teagarden series, Lilly Bard Shakespeare series, and to a lesser degree her Harper Connelly books.

#2 – George R.R. Martin – I started reading Game of Thrones a few years before the television show began and had read all the available A Song of Ice and Fire series well before the show ended. I’m dying for the next one to be released. I finished Fire and Blood a few days after the book dropped.

#3 – January Bain – Her Brass Ringer Sorority series is a thrill-ride, well researched treasure-hunter stories packed with strong, smart heroines while her cozy mystery, Movies, Moonlight, and Magic just won LR Cafe’s Best of 2019 in the mystery/thriller category.

#4 – Jan Springer – Menage fans will love her Cowboys Online series!

#5 – Selena Kitt – She writes smoking hot erotic literature. Adam and Eve Pictures even made a naughty, x-rated video out of her Babysitting the Bamgartners.

#6 – Megan Slayer – I’m a fan of her M/M romantic shape-shifter stories.

#7 – Lucy Maud Montgomery – The Anne Shirley books helped me develop a love of reading.

#8 – VC Andrews – When I was in middle school, her books fascinated me, and I read them all until she passed away and a ghostwriter took over. The Dollangangers series still haunts me.

#9 – Ayano Yamane  – I like yaoi manga, and The Finder series is my guilty pleasure.

#10 – Lewis Carroll – anyone who knows me can tell you I’m obsessed with all things Wonderland! If you’re brave and open-minded, check out my campy homage on Wattpad:

Honorable Mentions: Leora Gonzales, Noa Xireau, Laura Esquivel, Tim Lahaye, BJ Wane, Jaid Black, Sable Sylvan, Julie Shelton, Angela Windsor, Patrick Khayler, Aurora Russell, and Nakamura Shungiku.

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