Cool Stuff and a Free Book #MFRWhooks

Cool Stuff and a Free Book #MFRWhooks

Hi Readers,

Happy Wednesday. For their weekly blog challenge, Long and Short Reviews wants to know what I collect, but honestly, I’m not much on knick-knacks and do-dads. I know what I like, and when I have occasion to incorporate one of my favs, I do. I’m going to avoid the obvious – of course, my kindle is overflowing with hot reads so I’ll talk about other stuff. Here are my top five favorite things:

1 – Alice in Wonderland or Wonderland in general. Falling down a rabbit hole into a surreal dream world where being nuts in the norm? Yes, please! I have a folder on my computer just for all my Wonderland pictures. I grabbed the pictured necklace as an accessory for my Alice costume last Halloween.

The blue liquid glows in the dark! I also purchased a white rabbit purse.

2 – Sentimental stuff. I know, sappy…but as I mentioned, I’m not much of a “stuff” person unless there is a story behind the item. I still have the flip flop magnet my closest friend from when I lived in Texas bought for me at a beach boutique during one of our multi-family trips. The ornament my bestie from college gave me still graces my tree every year, and when my kids wanted to know what I wanted for my last birthday, I asked them to dress up and take some group pictures.

3 – Purses. If I collect anything, I suppose it would be handbags. I have a bunch, but I inherited most of them when my mother passed away. Mom loved to shop, and she had so many designer bags that even when split between me, my sister, and my two daughters I ended up with enough pocketbooks to last a lifetime and a half. Years later and I still haven’t used them all, but they remind me of her so I keep them displayed on a shelf in my room where I can see them.

My doggy – sorry I’m not a great shutter-bug.

4 – Affenpinscher and Brussels Griffon accounts. I love those dogs, and pictures or videos of them always make me smile. Anytime I come across an account showcasing them on Instagram, I follow. Be sure to check out #grumpygriffons next time you’re there. Here’s a picture of my little girl. She’s definitely a velcro dog and has to be taken everywhere.

5 – Warrior Women. My devotion to kick-ass gals started in Kindergarten with my love of Wonder Woman. I even had the underoos back then. I still have three seasons of Xena, Warrior Princess on VHS. I was obsessed with the show, and I paid too much for the videotapes to toss them. Seemed like a good purchase back in the 90s. At least I can still enjoy the box set artwork. When I started writing professionally, I couldn’t resist publishing a sexy story featuring the “real amazons.” Check below to read a snippet from Fevered Dream and then grab your FREE copy.


“Isn’t it a bit fucked up to mess with someone’s spirit quest?”

“Maybe, but if you haven’t noticed, his isn’t going well.” Xia picked up the bowl he must have used for mixing the paste, holding the container to her nose. “That’s not mare’s milk.”

“That matters?” Kepes asked.

“Nothing else binds the fungi as well. It’s not diluted enough.” Xia wiped the remaining paste off his face.

Kepes knelt on the other side of Blue Eyes before she placed her ear against his chest. “Sounds bad.”

“Sweating…” Xia unsheathed a knife she kept sticking out the top of one of her boots, cutting the short robe he wore from neckline to waist.

“At least he took off his boots before he drugged himself crazy.” Kepes grabbed one of his bare feet. Without warning, he kicked her like an obstinate mule. “Son of a whore!” she gritted her teeth as she righted herself.

Xia threw back her head, crowing raucously. “Not bad for a dirt slave.”

Kepes’s nostrils flared. She probably wanted nothing more than to split the man’s head open. “It’s not funny.”

“Sure, it’s not—just as it wasn’t funny when the Turk we fought last summer dropped me on my ass.”

Kepes howled with delight, glee dancing in her copper-penny eyes. “Now that was amusing!”

Xia smiled, reaching over to give one of the small braids adorning Kepes’s otherwise straight, jet black hair a playful tug. “Grab the bedroll. We need to move him away from the fire and out into the cooler air.”

Kepes nodded. “You’re getting his feet.”

Xia fisted handfuls of the fur and sheepskin lined leather beneath the man, tugging in an attempt to drag him away from the heat. “Fuck! He’s heavy as hell!”

Kepes spread the opening in his robe, her eyes widening and her lips curving upward as she observed his broad chest. She whistled. “Not bad.” While running her hand over his bulging muscles, she lightly scraped her fingernails against Blue Eyes’ skin.

He bucked and she jumped back, missing his flailing arm by a hair.

“Ah! Hell no!” She jumped up and ran through the opening leading out of the ruin.

Xia sat vigil, staying far enough back to avoid being pummeled as the man punched and kicked at the air above him.

Soon, Kepes returned with the other two women and some rope.

“Help me get his hands behind his back!” Kepes said.

Xia couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful man, impressed by his form and spirit as he fought like a warrior while he screamed some nonsense. He had strong legs and arms with lean muscle. Perhaps toiling in the ground suited him. She cawed with mirth as he shook her three sisters-in-arms like ragdolls while they struggled to subdue him.

“Xia, if you are anything more than the worthless daughter of a putrid pig, you will shut your cackling mouth and come help us!” Scyleia insisted as she rolled Blue Eyes over and leveraged her knee against his back.

“Fine…fine,” Xia moved closer before striking like a viper with two tensed but slightly curved fingers, hitting the correct pressure points in the appropriate sequence to make the man’s arms go limp. “Now the rope.”

As Scyleia tied his hands behind his back, Micah groaned in pain as Blue Eyes landed a kick to her stomach. “Son of a whore!” she screamed, holding her belly with one hand and punching Blue Eyes in the thigh with the other.

Xia had to give it to the man; he fought well for someone half out of his mind. Flopping like a fish, he flailed to-and-fro, knocking Kepes on her backside as he did.

“One more time and I cut his throat!” Kepes grabbed the hilt of her knife, holding the blade up in the air and shaking her fist. “Sheath your weapon,” Xia commanded. “When he wakes you will be paid your due and we will treat him to a much better fevered dream…”

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