Keeping Romance Alive During the Pandemic

Keeping Romance Alive During the Pandemic

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Covid-19 is still a bitch, and I’m still hold up inside with my husband and three kids. Even with more businesses opening, many of us with immuno-compromised family members simply can’t take the risk of being exposed. The situation isn’t ideal, but the abundance of time together offers opportunities to reconnect. So, here’s a list of dates for you and your live-in love that allows for social distancing from those not living in your home.

Six Safe and Doable Dates During a Pandemic:

1 – Breakfast in bed – If you’re like me, and your kids tend to be night owls during the summer, sneaking into the kitchen to whip up an early morning spread for two wouldn’t be too difficult. Perhaps something to set a romantic mood.

2 – Stargazing – All that’s required is a blanket and a backyard. A deck or patio will do as well as long as you carve out some alone time for you and your significant other (or others in cases like my Triple Passion Play series).

3 – Dirty drive-in theater date – Enjoy a movie from your car. If your kids are old enough to be left alone for a few hours or one of them is old enough to babysit the others, and you happen to have one of these relics in your town, now is definitely the time to take advantage.

4 – Do-it-yourself sexy flick. – No drive-in? No problem – it just takes a little imagination. Pop some popcorn, grab some candy and sodas, turn off the lights in your bedroom, and stream something steamy. 365 Days is number one on Netflix right now. You can also go retro and play one of your favorite sexy DVDs such as Basic Instinct, 9 1/2 Weeks, or Savages.

5 – A drive in the country.

6 – Late evening backyard bocce ball tournament (or badminton, or whatever suits your fancy.)

Most importantly, be kind to one another. Take the time to make your loved one(s) feel special. Genuine compliments, sweet gestures as small as bringing them a cold drink on a hot day, or even a hug go along way.

Do you have ideas for some Pandemic-friendly dates? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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