Bucket List, $.99 Sale, and a Raffle! #MFRWhooks

Bucket List, $.99 Sale, and a Raffle! #MFRWhooks

Howdy Readers,

It’s time to jump feet first into two of my favorite blogs. Today, I’ll be participating in Long and Short Review’s Weekly Blogging Challenge as well as #MFRWhooks. L&SR’s topic this week is my bucket list. Truthfully, I’ve never made one, but recent events in my life have taught me time is fleeting so I guess it’s time to get started.

Here’s a short countdown:

3 – See a world-class drag show. While we’ve been shut in during the pandemic, my daughter and I have become obsessed with watching all the seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Once the world starts turning on full tilt again, I’d love to attend one of their live tours or see Derrick Barry’s Brittany Spears impersonation show in Vegas.

2 – Travel – Having been a military wife, you’d think I would have seen more of the world. I saw a decent bit of the south through my car window on a few of our moves but didn’t have the opportunity to experience a lot. I enjoyed a few days in Williamsburg, Virginia shortly after I got married, and I spent a couple of weeks in Biloxi before relocating to San Antonio, Texas for a few years. Unfortunately, up until now, my only international travel has been a couple of day trips to a small border town in Mexico. I’d like to visit a few more exciting places. New Zealand, Scottland, and Japan are on my shortlist.

1 – Become a USA Today Best Selling Author. I’ve popped on and off the Amazon top 100 lists in a few different categories, but I’ve had a hard time reaching a larger audience. Having something I’ve written be widely read is a dream of mine.

Hot Promotion July 29th – August 4th 2020 – $.99

Regularly $2.99, Baby Makes Four is discounted to $.99 (US) at select retailers for the first time ever. If you love MMF menage romance with MM, you don’t want to miss this hot deal! Click below to purchase your copy:

Still not sure about Baby Makes Four? Enjoy a Teaser:

Chapter One

Thursday, September 6, 2001—Mid-morning

* * * * *

The smell of fresh-from-the-oven biscuits and sizzling bacon hung in the air as Thomas Marks sat across from his father, Dr. Randall Marks, at the family restaurant where they had agreed to meet for breakfast. The old diner’s wagon wheel wallpaper and chestnut wood tables provided a comfortable sense of familiarity, but his dad’s stiffness, slow speech, and carefully chosen words filled Tommy’s gut with anxiety.

“How was the medical conference?”

“Riveting,” Dr. Marks replied with a roll of his eyes followed by a genuine smile. “So how’s Trisha getting along?” His dad’s gaze seemed to crawl all over his face as if he were observing every blink and twitch.

Tommy stared at his toast and scrambled eggs, moving the yellow bits around with his fork as he answered, “Well, you know…about to pop and snapping like a turtle. San Antonio heat is brutal for expectant mothers.”

“Yes, I would imagine so. Austin wasn’t much easier on your mom, my dear fourth child.” Dr. Mark’s serious expression lightened a hair but his blue eyes remained dim and probing.

“I get it. You’re the jedi. I’m the padawan.” He chuckled before taking a bite of bacon.

“So…Ken must be excited.” Dr. Marks finally dropped the hammer.

Tommy’s muscles tensed. He wiped his mouth with a paper napkin before taking a deep breath. “Is there something you feel you need to say, Dad?”

Dr. Mark’s shoulders slumped, and he sighed, his face a mixture of emotions. “I just don’t get it. You say you wanted it this way, and I’ve tried to accept your unique relationship the best I can, but I never expected this thing between the three of you to last. Sharing your wife with your best friend, and now she’s having his baby. I don’t…I know you say you’re happy, but…”

“I am happy.” He touched his head, patting his blond hair to make sure the meticulously gelled-back locks were still in order.

“For now, but those two are getting ready to share a bond you can’t even imagine—not until you have one of your own.” Dr. Marks tapped his fingertips against the tabletop.

“It’s my baby too…legally more so than Ken’s since I’m Trisha’s husband.”

His father grimaced. “Legal, smegal—I’m talking about emotions. The love you hold for your flesh and blood is special. Protecting his own is ingrained in a man’s DNA. You’re on the verge of standing on the sidelines, watching Trisha and Ken share meaningful glances and smiles and a kind of joy that transcends things like a certificate of marriage.”

Tommy’s pulse reacted to the ache in his chest. His dad had probed a sore spot, grinding against some nagging insecurities. Fears of Trisha and Ken growing closer and freezing him out surfaced from time-to-time, but he had always shoved those doubts to the back of his mind. The bond and commitment he shared with Trisha and Ken was solid. He was sure of it.

You Have to Play to Win!

In honor of her new release, Tina Donahue has set up an amazing raffle:

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