Men, Men, I Love Men!

Men, Men, I Love Men!

Welcome to the 52-week blog challenge. I’ve skipped a few weeks, but this week’s topic is M/M romance: write them? Read them? Why or why not?

I absolutely read M/M romance. Men are sexy. A love story between two is double the yum. One of my favorite writers of man/man love is Megan Slayer, author of the Sanctuary series.

Reading is easy, but writing male-on-male romance has proved a little harder for me. I first wrote my first M/M scene in my Blood Ties and Leather Restraints novel. The book, my second published with Liquid Silver Books very early in my writing career, is the tale of a young woman who runs away from an arranged marriage into a mafia family only to be captured and seduced by a much more dangerous suitor. I received my rights back after the publisher passed away, but I’m still deciding what to do with the story.

The first book in my Triple Passion Play series was a MFM menage romance. The guys, two best friends, were merely bi-curious at first and very much in love with the same women, but their relationship begins to evolve in the next book. Currently, book one, Rock You Like a Hurricane is available for free. Be sure to grab your copy today.

I loved writing about Tommy, Trisha, and Ken and their journey from love-sick, horny college co-eds to forty-something parents in a committed closed poly-triad. They had some bumps to smooth out along the way which made each book unique. Click the banner below for more info.

To date, my only completely M/M romance book is Crystal Coast Chemistry. I wrote the story as part of Loose Id’s “Summer Flings,” a promotion of inexpensive reads under 15K words. I call it a short, sexy story-snack. In all, I wrote three “Summer Flings,” collectively known as The Crystal Coast Romances, but book two was the only one featuring two male protagonists. Unfortunately, I received some of my worst reviews ever on Crystal Coast Chemistry so I have been reluctant to write more. If you are interested in judging for yourself, the book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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