Welcome Jaye Peaches with Pursuing Her Pirate

Welcome Jaye Peaches with Pursuing Her Pirate

Previously published as part of Pirates, Passion and Plunder Anthology

(22.6k words)

Her heart belongs to a pirate and she will follow him anywhere, even into danger.

Genre: historical romance, BDSM, erotic romance

Hashtags #pirateromance #kinkyromance #kinkypirates #piratepassions #historicalromance


Esme has her heart set on one man. Unfortunately, he’s a pirate. Her only hope in catching his attention is to do something drastic and risk her life. Relying on the loathsome act of pressganging, she uses her disguise to gain access to his ship. However, Captain Flynn Bartoc has other plans for Esme, and she’s not going to win anyone’s heart if she’s tied up in his cabin.

Opening chapter excerpt:

“You come aboard my ship in the dead of night and expect me to show mercy?” He examined the cord around the wrists of his captive and gave the knot a tug.

A sturdy boot stomped on the floor; an angry response, and one he expected.

“Since you chose to board my ship with your vagabonds and scallywags, you can explain to them what you intended to do. I can send you down into the hold with them.”

The croaky voice answered back with the flair of a theatrical actor. “I expect no mercy from the likes of your wicked kind.”

Flynn grinned. “My kind? Says the one carrying a cutlass and dagger. Which I might concede you handle admirably for a youth.”

“I’m no child.”

The gruff tone irked him. Perhaps it was too practised.

Flynn drew his small dagger from its scabbard. His prisoner flinched at the sight of the sharp edge of metal. He had only two things on his mind—exposing the truth and concluding their business arrangement. With a swift slash of the blade, he popped every button on the wastrel’s overcoat.

The coat slipped off the shoulders accompanied by a high-pitched screech.

He laughed. Then he took out the ivory buttons of the undershirt with another flick of his wrist. What he exposed was deeply satisfying.

“So, young man, or should I say young lady, what have you to say?”

She, for she was of the fairer sex, stuck out her chin and eyeballed him defiantly.

“So what?” she snapped. “Nobody will trust a woman, but only a woman can understand what it’s like to be nothing, unwanted and in need of a purpose.”

“And you shall have the recognition you deserve.” He dragged the blade through the bindings around her bosom and tore away the wrapping that had compressed her breasts flat. Exposed to the waist, she was every bit a beautiful morsel of feminine charm. With her hands bound, there was nothing she could do to stop him. He sheathed his dagger and stood back to admire her.


Jaye Peaches is an Amazon and USA Today bestselling author of historical, Sci-Fi and paranormal erotic romances. These stories weave together the kinky journeys of lovers, their struggles and dedication to each other. All her books contain spicy scenes of carnal pleasure and sensual exploration. If you desire a little thrill, something to entice, then delve into one of her books. 

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