Grab a Double Feature!

Grab a Double Feature!

Welcome back to Marketing for Romance Writers Book Hooks. From January 6th to 31st, book two in the Triple Passion Play series, The Power of Three is on sale. Be sure to grab your copy at the super low price, and if you haven’t already, claim your free copy of book one, Rock You Like a Hurricane. Enjoy a teaser.


Three souls interlocking like Borromean rings…remove one and everything and everyone will fall apart.

Fresh out of college and starting a business together, Trisha, Tommy, and Ken are in a closed poly relationship. Working two jobs to keep them afloat has Trisha struggling to meet her men’s demands for attention in and out of the bedroom.

Feelings of jealousy and insecurity test Tommy and Ken’s friendship, not to mention the difficulty they face coping with their growing attraction to each other. Neither man is willing to give up Trisha nor are they able to get along without each other.

As outside demands build, will love be enough to bind them all together or will they buckle under the pressure to conform to the expectations of others?

The Power of Three contains blush-inducing love scenes, graphic language, and the positive portrayal of an alternative lifestyle, including M/M attraction and relations. If you are offended by alternative lifestyles, LGBT relationships, or descriptive, put-you-in-the-moment sexual language, you might want to look for a different book.

Book two in the Triple Passion Play series can be read as a stand-alone HEA story.


Trisha had only visited the River Walk during the daylight hours, but the nighttime experience held a different allure. As her sandals clickity-clacked against the concrete walkway, she moved closer to the same water and seating areas she’d seen many times before, but everything seemed new and more magical. The lights strung along the roofs, patios, and the trees illuminated the sidewalk and reflected against the river, providing a golden glow. As Ken stood on one side of her, he wrapped an arm around her waist while Tommy held her hand on the opposite side.

Trisha’s heart skipped a beat and her cheeks heated from a combination of booze and embarrassment. Most of the people enjoying the atmosphere or eating outdoors beneath the umbrellas were probably tourists or military stationed at one of the several air force bases nearby or Fort Sam Houston Army base. Trisha would likely never meet most of them, and even if she did, she doubted any of them would remember her from one dimly lit evening, but she couldn’t help but feel as if many sets of eyes were staring at her.

As Tommy squeezed her hand gently, she shook off the nervous anxiety. She loved who she loved so why should she be ashamed? She looked up at her sexy blond and smiled before she turned her head and brushed her cheek against Ken’s shoulder.

When they reached the docking station, Ken paid cash for all three fares. As the ticket agent handed Ken his change, Tommy tried to help Trisha into the boat.

She placed one foot in and had nearly cleared the platform but somehow managed to smack her knee on the railing. “Ouch,” She whimpered as Tommy wrapped both arms around her waist to prevent her from stumbling. Ken hurried along beside her, taking her hands and leading her to a seat at the front of the boat.

“Only you could manage to turn over a barge built for twenty.” A playful smile spread across Ken’s face.

“I didn’t.” Trisha poked out her bottom lip.

“Yeah, but you could,” Tommy added.

“That’s not fair.” She folded her arms in front of her chest.

The men flanked her, taking their seats on either side. “Don’t pout, baby.” Tommy ran his index finger along her bottom lip. She parted them, placing a subtle kiss on the tip.

“Or do,” Ken added, dragging a finger down her spine and making her shiver.

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  1. San Antonio and especially the River Walk make a great setting for a modern romance. And this is a very modern romance! I do wonder about PDAs between a trio in a public place. Not sure how San Antonio would react.

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