Alice Returns! #MFRWhooks

Alice Returns! #MFRWhooks

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As some of you know, I stopped writing completely for a little while when my son was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I couldn’t put my head around writing anything, much less romantic or sexy stories. We prayed, and my kid fought like hell, and here we are a year and a half later, still fighting.

Slowly but surely, I’m reclaiming my life. One of the projects I put on hiatus at the time was an over-the-top, campy, erotic twist on Alice in Wonderland. I started writing the crazy tale as stress relief and posted one chapter at a time on my blog and on Wattpad so I could do what I wanted to without having a publisher or editor scold me. I found I loved the serial style and seeing how readers responded. Since I’ve started back writing, I’ve had to focus on paying projects, but the incomplete work has still been getting a lot of views despite not having been updated recently.

I missed writing the story, and the characters popped up in my head a lot so when I learned about Radish, I decided to see if I could turn Down The Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland one of my paid projects. I applied, and they accepted! I’m working on learning their system but hope to start uploading as soon as next week. In the meanwhile, enjoy a teaser, and if you haven’t explored Radish, you need to check it out and download the app now!

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All of her life, Alice knew she was different. Not only did she have trouble relating to the people around her, everything about her surroundings seemed off. She had no idea why until she chased a white rabbit into a hidden tear in the universe and landed in a strange, but oddly comforting, land of sexy shifters, power-crazed royals with a penchant for BDSM, and a gorgeous stranger who insisted her appearance in Shifterland was her prophesied destiny.

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY. If you are under 18 years old, please do not read this story, and honestly, just navigate away from my blog and website until you’re grown. If you are offended by graphic love scenes, BDSM, menage, adult spanking, or homosexuality, please do not read. Also, if you don’t like high camp or erotic fairy tales, you might want to read something else.


After she stepped over a couple sacked out together on top of a blanket on the large Oriental rug closer to the middle of her room, Alice scowled and sighed. She recognized one of them—Sandra Labrea, a socialite she’d known most of her life. They got along well enough though Alice couldn’t say they had ever been close. Sandra was entwined in the arms of a handsome if a rather common-looking young man. Mr. Collin Labrea, Sandra’s wealthy industrialist father, would not be amused but Alice imagined Sandra’s lover was solely for recreational use anyway.

Alice was accustomed to people she mostly felt indifference towards showing up to party at her lake house. The truth was she didn’t mind. Late at night, she craved the noise and excitement that came along with a full house of people ready to shake off their inhibitions. Even though she wasn’t looking to mingle with any of them, the distraction helped keep her sane.

She’d always known something was missing inside of her. She played everything cool and close to the vest, but even now on the inside, she was screaming. Something primal within her clawed at the surface, but she couldn’t release it, couldn’t even get a handle on what it was, though the feeling was constant. Sadly, that dull, aching emptiness was the one thing in her life she could count on to always stick with her.

Regardless of her home’s open-door policy, Alice tried to keep everyone out of her bedroom and bathroom. Last night she’d gone as far as to put up “off-limits” signs. Obviously, not everyone had respected her wishes but as luck would have it, the master bath hadn’t been obstructed by crashing party-goers. Before opening the door, Alice took a deep breath, half expecting some drunkard to be slumped over the toilet.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she found herself alone amongst the porcelain fixtures of her tastefully decorated powder room. She glanced at the mirror, pushing back her messy blond hair and wiping at her smeared mascara. Ugh!

Alice wasn’t exactly looking her best, and her mouth was dry as hell. She looked around for the small, plastic cup she kept on the counter, rolling her eyes as her gaze fell across the white powder littering her hand mirror. Son of a bitch! If people are going to be rude enough to do illegal drugs in my bathroom, they could at least snort all of their damn coke. What am I supposed to do with this shit?

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