#WIPWeds Taming Goldie #MFRWhooks

#WIPWeds Taming Goldie #MFRWhooks

Hi Readers,

It’s time for Work In Progress Wednesday and Marketing for Romance Writers Book Hooks. It turns out, I find writing ménage stories a little easier than reverse harem. The dynamics in the romance between Goldie and the three shifters who take her in hand is a lot different from what I’ve done before with the Triple Passion Play series, but I’m working it out. I’m going to wrench out her HEA while placing her story within the overall larger picture of the struggle against the Order of the Phoenix. Enjoy a teaser from my Taming Goldie, below.


Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Taming Goldie Teaser:

His brother tapped his hand against his palm. “I can explain.”

“You want your ass-reaming with the door open, soldier?”

“Um, no, but you see there were complications.” He rubbed his nape.

“Oh, yeah? Tell me why I shouldn’t lash the hell out of you in front of your whole squadron for such a major fuck up?” He gritted his teeth as he leaned over his desk, his palms on the top as he stared his younger, and slightly shorter, brother down.

The hard clicking of heeled boots drew Daniel’s attention to the door as a tsunami of golden waves and soft curves bounced through his office door without an invitation. Taken aback, Daniel’s eyes widened as her blue-eyed gaze met his. A lump formed in his throat as her crimson lips parted, her rosy cheeks contrasting with her alabaster skin.

She stomped her small foot while placing her hands on her hips. “How long are you going to leave me out there on that bench by myself.” Daniel glanced at his brother’s face in time to see the right side of his mouth curve upward as he lifted an eyebrow.

Daniel’s spine straightened as he observed the familiar body language between the two. Did my brother find a bratty bunny-shifter or a kinky were-squirrel for a night of fun instead of reporting in? He rubbed his chin between his thumb and forefinger. Surely, he doesn’t think offering a taste will get him out of trouble. He dismissed the notion. Jax was too cocky by half but never insubordinate or derelict in his duties. “Who do we have here?”

“Miss Goldie Locks here ran away into the forest yesterday, nearly got herself eaten by wolves. I couldn’t just leave her.”

He laced his fingers together and tilted his head as he regarded the delectable human. “Is that true, Ma’am?”

I hope you enjoyed this teaser from my work in progress. Be sure to read Scarlett and the Big Bad, book 1 in the Fated Fairytale series while you wait for Taming Goldie:

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