The Power of Three #MFRWhooks

The Power of Three #MFRWhooks

This week by Triple Passion Play series is in the gift box promotion on the Radish app. Readers get three three coupons to read free episodes. The first season (which is the first book in the series is free as well.) To celebrate, I’m sharing an excerpt from The Power of Three for this week’s Book Hooks.

Series Blurb:

A sexy and emotional romance spanning two decades. Will the love and passion shared between Trisha, Ken, and Tommy be enough to bind them together forever or will jealousy and societal expectations tear them apart?


Fresh out of college and starting a business together, Trisha, Tommy, and Ken are in a closed poly relationship. Working two jobs to keep them afloat has Trisha struggling to meet her men’s demands for attention in and out of the bedroom.

Feelings of jealousy and insecurity test Tommy and Ken’s friendship, not to mention the difficulty they face coping with their growing attraction to each other. Neither man is willing to give up Trisha nor are they able to get along without each other.

As outside demands build, will love be enough to bind them all together or will they buckle under the pressure to conform to the expectations of others?

The Power of Three contains blush-inducing love scenes, graphic language, and the positive portrayal of an alternative lifestyle, including M/M attraction and relations. If you are offended by alternative lifestyles, LGBT relationships, or descriptive, put-you-in-the-moment sexual language, you might want to look for a different book.

Book two in the Triple Passion Play series can be read as a stand-alone HEA story.


Ken worked one of the grills in the apartment complex’s barbecue pit area, cooking up some burgers and hotdogs while Trisha and Tommy frolicked in the pool. All three of the community grills were in use, permeating the area with the delicious smell of meat. Bikini-and-swim-trunk-clad tenants packed the pool area, enjoying the Fourth of July weekend. A few young children frolicked around the gazebo, and even the oft-deserted volleyball court was getting a good workout.

Although he’d never been one to relish large social gatherings, Ken felt surprisingly at ease. He took a swig of his beer as he glanced up at Trisha entering the pool via the stairs. Tommy, on the other hand, had to make a big splash, breaking the rules by jumping from the top of the artificial cave that created the pool’s grotto.

Ken smirked as he watched Trisha giving Tommy the business. He couldn’t hear what she was saying but her pointer finger wagged as she fussed at him. Even from across the courtyard, Ken spotted Tommy deploying his charm, shamelessly throwing Trisha his dorky looks of false innocence as he apologized. Ken began to plate his burgers and dogs, laughing to himself as Trisha made Tommy go sit out of the pool as if he were a child in timeout.

“You done?” a large man with a buzz cut asked.

“All yours.” Ken happily relinquished his station. He hummed a little tune in his head as he walked over to the pool and called out to Tommy. “You get in some trouble, buddy?”

“I just can’t seem to behave.” Tommy lifted his chin toward his friend as he smiled. As Ken placed the platter on the umbrella-shaded, patio table, Tommy stood up and then headed over to help Ken put the meat into buns. “Are you going to wrap each one of them in tinfoil?”

Ken lifted an eyebrow. “It’s the only way to do it.”

A soaking wet Trisha ran up beside them, hopping from foot-to-foot until she pushed her tootsies into her Rainbow flip-flops. “Whoa, that cement is hot!” She grabbed a towel. Ken watched as she dried her svelte figure with a Sponge Bob beach towel, her intimate areas covered by only the tiniest, shimmering, copper-colored string bikini. “Wow.” Ken’s gaze drifted up and down her form before he glanced at Tommy.

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Tommy nodded.

“Huh?” Trisha shrugged, clueless about her sex appeal.

“What? Nothing…” Ken looked around as if he had no idea what Tommy was talking about before squirting mustard on a hotdog and then wrapping the meat-filled bun before handing it to Trisha. “Here, just like you like it.”

“Yum, yum.” She rubbed her flat tummy, her sun-kissed skin glistening with water droplets. “Smells delicious.”

Tommy unzipped the insulated cooler they brought to the pool and pulled out a couple of cans of beer. All three of them preferred bottles, but pool rules insisted no glass. “Here, sexy thing.”

“Me or him?” Trisha tilted her head toward Ken.

“Both, but I was talking to you.” Tommy handed her a cold one.

Trisha sat down at the table, un-wrapped her dog, and then took a nibble. “Oh, so good, this hits the spot, Ken.”

“Glad to hear it, baby. Now isn’t this a lot better way to spend a holiday weekend than ringing up groceries?” Ken looked into her eyes.

She finished chewing and swallowed. “I have to say so.”

“Chips?” Tommy held up the bag.

“Nah,” I’m good.” Trisha shook her head.

Tommy grabbed a burger and a hotdog as did Ken. They both added ketchup and mustard to the burgers but only mustard to the hotdogs. Tommy bit into his burger. “Mmm, you’re the best, Ken.”

“Why thank you.” Ken scooted his chair closer to Trisha’s to move into the shade.

“Did you see what that nut did?” Trisha pointed at Tommy while looking at Ken.

“Yes, I did,” Ken replied.

“You don’t seem at all surprised.” She took another bite.

Ken chewed and then swallowed. “I’m not. That was classic Tommy behavior.” He glanced at Tommy with a wink.

“There was a time when you would have been right there next to me,” Tommy replied.

“Well, some little boys grow up, and then there’s you.” Trisha smiled at Tommy while eyeing him sweetly.

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