Bridling Lucy

Bridling Lucy

A Spirited Girl. A Reluctant Dom. Fated Mates.

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Stubborn, prideful and self-disciplined, Chance Locklear believes his way is always right, and he doesn’t like hiccups is in his strict routine so when the matriarch of his equine-shifter clan saddles him with a spoiled, twenty-one-year-old brat from out-of-town, he’s none too pleased.

While growing up as a member of a rogue-shifter clan, Lucy Tate didn’t have the luxury of an easy or predictable life, but she’s learned to live with her parent’s self-centered behavior causing problems for her or leaving her in the lurch. When her step-father’s latest hijinks force her to abandon her job as a blackjack dealer and skip town, she resents having to live with a stranger and work as a maid while hiding out. To make matters worse, she’s been placed in the care of an arrogant but sexy game warden/werehorse who demands her respect.

The first time Chance pulled her over his lap for a spanking, she was shocked and angry, but her body reacted to his touch in a completely different way. Just as the two begin to give into their shared attraction and admit they are fated mates, outside forces show up to pull them apart. Will destiny, love, and amazing sex be enough to save their relationship?

Warning: Bridling Lucy is a smoking hot, stand-alone romance with graphic sexual language. If you are offended by corporal punishment/adult discipline or sizzling, put-you-in-the-moment love scenes, you might want to look for another book.


He placed his palm on her bottom and rubbed her cheeks over her pants. The first swat landed with a thwack, but Lucy didn’t make a peep. He popped her a little harder, and she arched her back as if offering up an invitation. Chance rained down smacks, spreading the pain over her entire ass until the cheeks hanging out of her shorts glowed a light pink hue. She remained quiet but wiggled her bottom as if she were trying to shake away the heat.

“Now get up and face me.” She stood up straight and turned around. As she started to unbutton her pants, he slapped her hands away. “You don’t take control. I decided what comes off and when.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice was meek and breathy. Her eyes were dilated and her cheeks were flushed.

“Good. He reached out and popped the button open before pulling down her zipper. He knelt as he yanked her shorts down past her hips and let them drop to her feet.

The One. A shifter will wait to have the inevitable one person that completes them. A fascinating twist on shifter mates, finding a shifter from a different clan or maybe a Human. Lucy is a strong independent character that finds corporal punishment more than teaching her to watch her mouth or attitude. Chance organized to the extent of borderline OCD great description into the obsession and descriptions of the mountainous scenery. My first book by this author and really liked it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
This was a short intense read. Lucy and her mom took off to return to her mom';s home after Lucy's step dad offered her up as collateral for his gambling debts. Lucy's mom has a plan to rekindle her relationship with her father to get him to pay off her husband's debt and save Lucy. Her mom wants her to pretend to be as troublemaker needing to be watched as she was getting into trouble back home this the reason for them showing up. Her mom doesn"t want the clan to know the truth. While hiding out Lucy meets Chance her mentor and a horse shifter as well. The more time they spend together the more they realize that they are dated mates. Will they give in to their heritage or fight it.
Lucy and Chance are forced into being in each other’s company with explosive results. With Chance in charge of, , correcting Lucy’s behavior! Which leads to a lot of hot fun hijinks and ensuing mayhem. Highly erotic with well developed characters and a fascinating story that unfolds believably, Bridling Lucy is a real page turner. I love this fun, exciting world that Sierra Brave has created with her original concept of horse shifters! (And I really like that the Matriarchs are in charge of the clans.) Cannot wait for more!
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